Is the internet access filtered or controlled on the laptop?

While students are on-site at the College, and connected to the Faith Wi-Fi network, their access to the internet is considerably restricted. Categories of websites and types of content that are blocked include the following:

  • Pornography and Adult content
  • Hacking, Piracy and Copyright theft
  • Gambling
  • Social Media
  • Drugs and Criminal activity
  • Video & Computer games
  • Violence and Self-harm
  • Sites known to host viruses & malicious software
  • The College is able to offer the same level of filtering on the laptop program devices when the laptop is at home or elsewhere (off-site) regardless of whether the laptop is connected the internet over Wi-Fi or tethered via a mobile hotspot or smartphone. This is an ‘opt in’ service at the discretion of parents.

    We are unfortunately not able to alter specifically what content is blocked on a case-by-case or student by student basis. Occasionally legitimate, safe websites can be inadvertently blocked by the web filter and in these cases students and parents are welcome to email the ICT department at with a link to the site in question and the team will review the site and unblock as appropriate. Please be aware if parents/caregivers request the off-site filtering be disabled, the laptop will need to be serviced by the ICT department to have the system removed. If this is requested during a school holiday period, in some circumstances the removal of the software may not be able to be completed until the following term commences.

    If families wish to have this option enabled for their student’s laptop, please tick the appropriate box on the Middle Years Laptop Program – 2023 Order Form, once it is distributed.