Who will be responsible for repairs of the laptop?

The Dell Latitude 3310 has a 3 Year on-site warranty; including 3 years of cover for the battery (typically batteries are only covered for the first 12 months). Any faults with the unit are facilitated and resolved via the College ICT team in conjunction with the manufacturer. Physical damage and breakages are not covered by the warranty however we are able to include Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) with the laptop program at no additional cost to families. This cover is provided through the manufacturer, and allows one free repair per calendar year for the duration of the 3 year warranty. This covers damage done to the laptop via accidental means including drops, bumps or knocks and liquid damage. Malicious damage to the laptop by throwing, striking, pushing etc is not covered, nor is cosmetic damage to the laptop such as scratches to the outer plastic casing.

If a laptop repair is required and it is either not covered by the ADP, or the free repair for that calendar year has already been claimed, the cost of repair will be payable by the family.

This amount will be the lesser figure of either:

  • the actual cost price of repairs;
  • or an insurance excess of $500.00.

Families are always contacted before any ‘out of pocket’ repairs are organised to laptop program devices.