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Year 11 LIFE – Community Service Program

This Semester Year 11 students have been involved in various ‘Service’ activities including:
• visiting the Barossa Village and doing activities with the residents
• spending time with students in various primary schools in the Barossa Valley
• baking biscuits to give to Carers Link so they can distribute them to people in need.
• working at the Barossa Bushgardens.

The students have been able to contribute in various ways by serving others. Students have also further developed an understanding of what it is like to help others and how people can respond when someone provides a helping hand or a listening ear. Students are learning the importance of ‘Service’ and the benefits of putting others before self.

Pam Makin from Carer’s Link, Nuriootpa comments, ‘We have had the great joy of receiving delicious home baked biscuits from Faith Lutheran College to share in our Young Carer groups. These biscuits have been munched while studying, playing games, creating art, and chatting. They come with us to the Library and have even holidayed at Victor Harbour with us!’
The Young Carers themselves mentioned, ‘The Young Carer Program is only possible because of community support. And when kids support kids, it is truly something special.’
Coralie a Care Support worker writes, ‘Please pass on my thanks to all students involved in making and packing the biscuits you donated! I work with parents and carers of children with a disability. It was such a privilege to go into families homes with young children that don’t have a lot, with a bag or two of biscuits.

They usually offer me a cuppa and I listen to them and support them in finding the services they need. Quite often there is not a lot more I can offer than a friendly smile and reminder that people care, not just me and the staff at Carers and Disability Link, but students from Faith that don’t even know them.
Thanks for delivering them (to Carers Link) and all the students who put their time and effort into cooking and bagging all the biscuits! You have done an awesome job and I have to say they tasted great as well.’

Craig Chidgey, Learning Area Coordinator – LIFE / Exchanges Coordinator

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